COMFORT CHUTE PRO EX-ET gives you superior cow flow, allowing you to stay in the trailer and trim more cows. The efficient operating system and dependable components provide lasting performance.

  • Equipped with COMFORT CHUTE H-SERIES
  • Efficient and safe cow handling system
  • Engineered to maximize your time
  • ACCU-Trim® Leg Restraint for precise trimming
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Quality components keep you trimming
  • Space efficient, easy to maneuver on the farm
  • Minimal set up, never unhook trailer
  • Compact design reduces steps, you trim more cows

Udder Gun


The Udder Gun System improves your milking efficiency by maximizing let down and shortening milking times. It allows your cows to be cleaned, prepped, and milked faster with it’s specifically designed elastomer teat belts, which mimic a calf’s natural suckling action, only much faster.

Westar is a Dairy Equipment Producer that opened the doors of its new 10,000 SqFt facility in 1994 in Wisconsin, where is the Dairyland of USA. By providing high quality equipment with competitive price, Westar has good reputation in Dairy Equipment area. In 2015, Westar published the new Udder Gun System. Because of the unique designing, it is quickly accepted by farmers and gained positive reviews.

Save time and money

Maximize stimulation for let down

Milk more cows through your parlor

Consistent cow prep

Reduce towel and laundry cost

No electricity used by system

Ergonomic easy to use gun

Lower water and chemical usage

Can be used with iodine and peroxide chemicals

Engineered to mimic a calf suckling at 60 licks per second.

to contact and conform to each teat

2 stage trigger allows the operator to easily shut

off water/sanitizer to go back around teats to partially dry off if desired

The belts auto adjust to size and shape of teat

Water/sanitizer sprayed onto belts

and teat at 6 oz./min.

Teat end is cleaned when entering and exiting teat belts

Teat belts allow for more flap contact with whole teat than rotary brushes

As the teat belt flaps rotate around the lower shaft,  they accelerate to flick off water and debris

Free Choice

Free Choice Enterprises, Ltd. has been a family owned and operated business for over 60 years, catering to the needs of the beef, dairy, and bison industries both in the U.S. and internationally. Our holistic approach to livestock nutrition focuses on natural supplementation of established feed programs (much like multi-vitamins in the human diet) in an unconventional manner, wherein the animal is given the freedom to decide for itself what it needs to thrive.

The idea of feeding vitamins and minerals “free choice” came about by a need to decrease overconsumption, while improving livestock nutrition and performance. Because we understand that each livestock operation is located and functions within their own unique environment, we provide custom ration balancing to develop personalized supplementary feed regimens to overcome imbalances in confinement feeding and grazing, optimize dietary intake to improve nutritional balance, and maximize livestock performance and output within a preset feed management system.

Post Calving Health Bolus

[Herbal Extracts and Key Ingredients]

15 herbal plants extracts include Honeysuckle, Dandelion, and Forsythia etc. Yeast, Enzymes, Selenium, Vitamin A, D, E, K, etc.

[Adhesives] Sugar, Maltose, Glucose etc.


[Description] Dark brown particles; slightly bitter taste.


[Function] Promoting blood circulation and lochia discharge, helping after-calving pain relief and uterus healing, boosting energy and improving rest.


[Recommended Uses]

Post Calving Heavy Lochia, Retained Placenta, Metritis, Milk Fever, Constipation, Mastitis, Loss of appetite etc.


[Feeding Directions]

  • Properly restrain animal.
  • Put bolus into the right sized feeding gun, the rounded end of bolus is outside the feeding gun and facing out, the rounded end goes into cow first.
  • Place fingers into cow’s mouth in gap between front incisor and rear molar teeth, and gently open its mouth with a little pressure. Insert the feeding gun into the center of the mouth with the cow’s head a slight downward angle. Raise the cow’s head slightly and advance the plunger of the feeding gun, slowly discharge the bolus at the back of the cow’s mouth. Allowing cow time to swallow and let cow drink water to help bolus resolve inside the stomach, 10 to 15 minutes to resolve on average.


[Dosage Suggestion]

One week before calving: One bolus per cow per day, continuous daily 3 to 5 days.

After calving: One bolus per cow per day, continuous daily 3 to 5 days.



  • Animal use only.
  • Do not feed directly without feeding gun.
  • Do not feed lying animals.
  • Do not feed fussy animals.


[Net Weight] 120 g/bolus


[Storage] Avoid direct sunlight, sealed, keep dry at room temperature.


[Shelf Life] 24 months



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